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The day that I received the keys of this house

Also the start of the renovation with the idea to open the house around September/October.

The previous owner has only renovated the last 2 parts of the house.
With an new floor, domotica, shower and small kitchen.
His children could use the first part of the house = the Masterhouse
Also with small kitchen , bathroom , 3 rooms and empty attic

I want that max 12 people can eat, relax and sleep in this house.
And enjoy the sauna, lounge and the spaces in and around the house

But the first part needed an big face-lift :

  • create an lounge
  • build an big sauna
  • placing of 4 showers
  • create 2 extra rooms in the attic (included new wooden floor)
  • placing 3 fire doors and plenty smoke detectors (all the house)
  • alarmsystem
  • new walls in wood

The second and third part :

  • level 0 : build an new kitchen and dining table
  • level 1 : an space to read something or playing
  • level 2 : create an relaxzone (after the sauna) + tv-room

After more than 1600 houres work ,after my work in the Flanders, is the house for 95% completed.


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